Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In-N-Out's secret menu

Everyone knows Cali is pretty much overrun with brahs, making native California In-N-Out burger joints a haven for munchie-suffering brosephs.

But their menu seems a little thin, especially given the variety of international cuisine you can find down the road at Jack in the box. (egg rolls, tacos, and French toast sticks?)

Well, badmouth.net has nailed the In-N-Out burger secret menu, complete with red harring choices that really don't exist but you were scared to try lest you feel obligated actually order said unknown choice if it did exist.

It's much better than In-N-Out's own Web site's secret menu, where they only reveal a few of the items on the secret menu, despite the text on that very page that calls the menu "not-so-secret" and says they "don't have any secrets at all."

Check it out, brahs, and diversify your In-N-Out portfolio.

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